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LB-DJ Grinding Downdraft tabels
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LB-DJ Grinding Downdraft tabels
Downdraft table Applied to welding, polishing, grinding, plasma cutting and so on. It uses inte

Downdraft table


Applied to welding, polishing, grinding, plasma cutting and so on. It uses international advanced filtering technique and has a >99.9% filtering efficiency of dust produced by welding, cutting and grinding.


Working principles:


Smoke and dust were captured into filter by the negative pressure produced by fan, big dust particles have a collision with deflector and will drop into flue-dust retainer in the effect of gravity, small dust particles go into filtering room. The dust air will go through the filter cartridge, the dust will be stopped and gather on the outside of filter cartridge, we can brush it by hand or by pulse back blowing in the effect of vibrating to make dust drop into flue-dust retainer, the clean air will be let out via fan.


Special desk design, dust-removal system inside, acoustic insulation of fan, no need pump connection, the clean air can be fed into workshop and reduce the cost of energy.


It can not only capture tiny floating dust but also interfere workers’ movement and view, is the ideal purifier of small and middle accurate machining and irregular component. It can not only connect with welding smoke purifier but also central type smoke purification system.




1. There is a deflector in the entrance of table which can stop the dust from impacting the filter cartridge.

2. High efficiency fan makes it running smoothly.

3. There is a noisy reduce treatment on fan in case of noise pollution.

4. It has a table and dust removal function which can remove the dust from the very beginning.

5. It covers a small area for double or multi station working.

6. It can choose filtering medium based on customers requests to purify different dust.

7. The filter lives longer with stable performance and can be changed conveniently.

8. Purification of pulse back blowing automatically makes the table in good working all the time.

9. Flue-dust retainer can drop the dust fast and conveniently.


LB-DG Grinding downdraft table:







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