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welding training schools use our fume extraction and purifaction for the
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Welding fume extraction and purifaction for the welding training schools.

The onsite have more than 20welding positions, and use the cartridge fitlers dust collector for the main filtration system.

An electric air valve is installed on each branch pipe connected by the suction arm to the main pipeline, and an on-site control box is installed at this work position to control the opening and closing of the electric air valve, and its opening and closing signal system can be fed back to the system's general electrical control cabinet. The general electric control cabinet automatically adjusts the fan frequency according to the signal to achieve the purpose of saving electricity;
The dust collector and fan are placed outdoors. The fan is equipped with noise reduction box, shock absorber and other supporting facilities. The chimney is made of galvanized spiral wind pipes. The exhaust port is 15 meters from the ground and Gaoyue is equipped with a rain shield at the top.
The fan is equipped with a variable frequency start control system, and the main components use a high-quality domestic brand, which has the function of emergency shutdown.