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Grinding Dust Removal System for an Aviation Component Manufacture
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An aviation component manufacturing company is a manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in the design, production, sale, commissioning and processing of various aircraft and aircraft parts and their derivatives. Qingdao Lubo environmental protection for the design and manufacturing of the plant dust removal system is mainly used for the plant grinding(aluminum materials) generated by the collection and purification of dust, the project has recently been successfully completed and a one-time user acceptance.

Project description:
The grinding dust removal system includes dust removal equipment such as grinding workbench, dust suction wall and accompanying dust collector, and new wind delivery equipment, as well as new fans, motors, control cabinets, explosion proof soundproof valves, pipelines, trench covers, vise and other supporting equipment.
The system is used for collecting and purifying the dust generated by grinding(aluminum materials) in the factory building, for designing the dust treatment process in accordance with user requirements, and for forming a reasonable and efficient dust removal system from pipeline laying, dust removal equipment and fans. Improve the grinding production environment.
Major equipment:
More than 20 platform suction type grinding worktable, the size of grinding platform combined with the reasonable design of grinding workpiece size
30M long dust-absorbing wind wall, reasonable design with height and thickness combined with production conditions
3 sets of supporting dust removal system, LB-PC series filter system selected
1 set of new wind delivery system
Outdoor more than 200 meters equipment rain shelter
More than 50 meters of pipe floor cover