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LOOBO | spot on sale, the strength of the order, more than 20 sets of Welding Fume extractors to Jiangsu

Today more than 20 sets of welding fume extractors assembly debugging is completed, rushed in the setting sunshine sent to Jiangsu. This welding fume extractors is the company's star product, the


LOOBO|Information Letter on Strengthening the Daily Inspection and Maintenance of Dedusting Equipment in Summer

Dear Customer.Due to the gradual increase in temperature throughout the summer.  Under the state of long-term full-load operation of various types of dust removal equipment, it is very easy to ca


Loobo New cartridge dust collector exported overseas

With the development of overseas market of foreign trade business department, more and more overseas customers are interested in our products, and the high standard and strict requirements of foreign


The air quality of the factory has been improved since the introduction of this grinding dust collector.

Recently, the grinding dust table purchased by the customer has been officially opened, and the efficiency of the grinding staff has been effectively improved. The visibility of the originally smoky w


A local customer's order for a grinding and dust extraction table has been received

Qingdao customer's grinding dust table has been arranged to arrive, the use of grinding dust table has become popular, whether grinding or polishing, grinding dust collector is a good dust removal


LOOBO helped the welding area of the "National Staff Digital Application Technology Skills Competition

The final of the National Workers' Digital Application Technology Skills Competition was held at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 7 to June 9, 2023. Organ